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I'm an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Northern Arizona University. I received my PhD from Cornell University in 2013. In spring 2018, I was an invited professor at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. 


My research focuses mainly on perception and emotion. I often discuss and aim to clarify the philosophical significance of probabilistic models of mental processes. 

I'm also Director of Philosophy in the Public Interesta program at NAU that creates forums for philosophers to engage in discussion with wider communities on topics of mutual concern. 


email: vancejonna [at] gmail <dot> com

office: Babbitt Academic Annex Rm 310

Philosophy Department

Northern Arizona University

Box 6011 Flagstaff, AZ 86011

some recent and upcoming talks

Uncertain experiences.

      University of Barcelona. June 2022

Attentional moral perception (with Preston Werner)

      Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. April 2022.

Attentional moral perception and sensibility theory (with Preston Werner)

      University of Haifa. March 2021

Salience in moral perception

      Harvard University. May 2020. 

Moral knowledge by abstraction

      University of Montreal. March 2020. 

Foundationalism and deep learning

      University of Pennsylvania. November 2019. 

Vague perception

      Cambridge University. August 2019

      York University (Toronto). June 2019

Hierarchical evaluative perception

      Hebrew University (Jerusalem). June 2019

Comments on Benjamin Henke's 'The epistemic import of arational influences on perception'

      American Philosophical Association. Pacific Division Meeting. April 2019. 

Predictive processing: Overview and challenges.

      University of Geneva. June 2018.

Implicit phenomenal commitments.

      University of Geneva. May 2018

Precision and perceptual uncertainty.

      Ruhr-University Bochum. May 2018

Perceptual uncertainty and precision.

      University of Geneva. March 2018

Bayes intentionalism and perceptual uncertainty.

      University of Antwerp. February 2018

Perceptual uncertainty.

      University of Arizona. October 2017

Action prevents error: Predictive processing without active inference.

      Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich). August 2017

Phenomenal commitments: A puzzle for experiential theories of emotion.

      University of Geneva. June 2017

      Bled Philosophical Conference. June 2017

Perceptual confidence and precision estimates.

      UC Berkeley. March 2017

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